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Dreaming to craft an unforgettable brand experience for your customers? Look no further, we can help you to brand your business with a consistent look and feel throughout your customers journey.

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Imogen has been keen to communicate with us, at every stage, to ensure that the designs are always in line with our objectives...Aside from the fact that the standard of the work she's produced has been brilliant, Imogen has been a joy to work with.

Craig Brown

Co Founder | Students Against Corona

Imogen created a superb logo and a coherent brand identity that perfectly represented the values of my business. I was extremely impressed with the depth that Imogen went into in my brand guidelines, to ensure my brand is consistent and effective across various platforms.

Henry Gibbons

CEO | Ace Golf Apparel

Imogen is an incredible brand advocate. You really get the feeling that she wants the very best for your project. Her attention to detail is outstanding. Final delivery of AGM’s branding was a real joy. Surpassed my expectations enormously. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Imogen, in-fact I already have, several times.

Tony Lavender

Marketing Director | AGM

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Feast your eyes is the Liverpool based design studio of Imogen Sandbach. We believe that branding is all about expressing a business’ personality and values while building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers.

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